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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Reservation Frequently Asked Questions

Our Process

Our rental process utilizes a fully automated rental experience to give the ease of picking up and dropping off a rental without waiting for paperwork. We will take care of all paperwork, insurance and payments all beforehand.

The day before your rental, we will email you the full pick-up instructions which allows you to go into the lot and pick up the trailer by yourself and get on the road. The process for returning the rental is the same with parking it back in the same spot and locking it.

Can I check rates without making a reservation?

Yes of course! You can navigate to our reservations page and search for your desired trailer rental and dates. Each search result will have rental rates without requiring you to make a reservation.

How will I know my reservation is confirmed?

Once you have made an online reservation, you will receive a booking code that confirms your rental. You will also receive an email confirmation from our team along with a contract to be filled out online.

Can I extend the rental duration?

You can extend any rental if it is before the end date of your rental and payment has succeeded. Without properly notifying us, you will be entitled to late fees added onto the daily rate of the rental.

Unlike competitors, we add barriers between every rental which allows time for a late rental to be accommodated, any maintenance or repairs that is needed to ensure a safe rental for the next customer and reduces the odds of a cancellation. We like to make sure that everyone is guaranteed a rental when they book with us and not cause any cancellations.

What is the rental damage waiver?

We offer a trailer Collision & damage protection waiver, which would protect you in the event of a collision or damage, after the payment of an additional premium. Our trailer damage waiver has a per- occurrence deductible, the amount of which is shown in your rental contract.

You are responsible for damage and theft up to the deductible amount. This waiver does not protect the contents of the trailer and does not provide liability coverage. You must provide liability insurance coverage on the trailer through the motor vehicle insurance policy covering the towing vehicle. If you chose to decline this waiver, you will be solely responsible for all incidents involving the trailer.

Is it possible to cancel or modify my reservation once it is confirmed?

All reservations are subject to a $50 non-refundable reservation fee (included in the rental price). Reservations cancelled within 10 days of the scheduled pickup date are subject to forfeiting the entire deposit amount (up to $500).

Reservations cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled pickup date are subject to being charged the entire cost of the rental. No-shows will forfeit the entire deposit and will be charged the full amount of the rental.

What does “rent equipment with operator“ mean?

With renting, there is someone who must operate the equipment such as towing a trailer in this situation, the operator is responsible for the trailer for the duration that the trailer is on rental.

Does Roadmoto offer one-way rentals?

Yes! Starting in 2022, we have started to offer one-way rentals across the United States. If interested in a one-way rental, please contact our team to get a quote for your destination and have the trailer picked up from your doorstep.

Does Roadmoto offer delivery?

Yes, delivery is an option for rentals if there is a proper amount of time to coordinate the delivery.

Can you rent my trailer?

We have partnered with Big Rentals to offer a marketplace for people to rent their trailers easily. Click here to learn more

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Payment & Fees Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be charged?

For every rental, we immediately charge a $200 security deposit which is taken when the booking is made. We hold the deposit throughout the duration of the rental. Three (3) days before the day of your rental, we will charge the full rental amount since it is within our standard cancellation policy. If you book a rental that has a pickup date 3 days or less, you will be charged immediately at time of booking.

Can I use another person's credit card to pay for my rental?

We require that the payment method used be in the name of the renter. If someone else's card must be used, that person must be added to the rental contract.

Do we charge cancellation fees?

All reservations have a free cancellation if the rental is cancelled 72 hours before the date of pickup. Reservations cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled pickup date are subject to being charged the entire cost of the rental. No-shows will forfeit the full amount of the rental.

Do we charge mileage fees?

Each rental has a base amount of 1,500, however for rentals that are one week and longer are exempt from this policy and come with an unlimited amount. For every 1,500 miles over 1,500 a $75 tire safety fee will be added. This helps us keep our rentals safe for everyone.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?

If a rental is returned late, your rental will be subject to additional charges and late fees. Please check your rental contract for more information. If we are notified before the end of the rental, we can add additional days for no penalty at the standard daily rate specified on your contract.

In the event of an accident, what am I liable to pay?

If you decline our optional damage waiver, you will be fully responsible for rental damages. Your insurance company may not provide coverage for any of these charges. We recommend contacting your insurance company prior to renting.

Legal You are responsible all damage to, or loss or theft of, the Trailer, including damage caused by weather, road conditions and acts of nature, whether you are at fault. You are responsible for the cost of repair or the actual retail cash value of the rented asset if it is not repairable or if we elect not to repair it.

A $125.00 equipment replacement fee will be assessed on top of the replacement cost if included trailer equipment or rental keys are lost and/or are not returned at the end of the reservation. You are also responsible for Loss of Use, Diminished Value, missing equipment, and a reasonable charge to cover our administrative expenses connected with any damage claim.

You must report all accidents involving the Trailer to us and the police within 24 hours of occurrence. We may monitor the location and mileage of the rental at any time during the contract. You are ultimately responsible for any loss, damage, or tow fees required to return the trailer to an authorized company facility in Los Angeles.

Does my insurance company cover my rental?

Auto insurance companies may cover any damage to moving trucks or rented trailers by default. We require every customer to call your auto insurance agent and ask them directly what your insurance will cover and if a trailer rental is fully covered under their policy. We can provide VIN Information if requested from your insurance to add to your binder.

What do I do in the event of an accident?

Do not admit fault to the other party. You must report all accidents involving the rental to us and the police within 24 hours of occurrence.

What methods of payment for you accept?

We accept all major credit or debit cards. Cash-only renters will not be accepted.

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Driving Frequently Asked Questions

What ball size do I need?

All of our trailer utilizes a 2 5/16th ball.

Do I need to check the condition of the rental prior to picking up the rental?

We recommend taking pictures of the rental before you leave the rental facility as well as when you return the trailer as a general precaution. We will do a full damage and safety inspection after every rental that is returned so the equipment is ready for the next rental.

Can I return the rental outside of the locations operating hours?

Our locations have gate opening and closing hours for security. Please contact our team to check what times you can pick up and return your rental.

Where can I not drive the rental?

You cannot take the rental outside of the United States unless otherwise authorized. Doing so may subject you to a $1,500 recovery fee and legal action.

Can anyone other than myself operate the rental?

Only customers explicitly listed on the rental contract may operate the rental. To add an additional authorized driver to the rental, please call and add them.

What do I do if I get a flat tire?

Most of our rentals have a spare tire that you can temporarily use to get to the closest tire shop or repair facility. If you do not repair the flat tire before returning the rental, you will be responsible for a tire replacement fee which can be found in the contract.

What age do I have to be to rent a vehicle?

You must be at least 25 years old and hold a valid driver's license to rent our trailers.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer trailer rentals in multiple cities?

Yes! Currently we cater to Los Angeles County, Ventura County and all surrounding counties. Cities include Duarte, and Simi Valley with more locations coming soon.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Please check your rental contract for the full list of terms and conditions.

What are prohibited rental uses?

he following uses of Trailer are prohibited:

(a) transporting dangerous or hazardous items or illegal materiel;

(b) transporting living persons;

(c) towing the Trailer by anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol;

(d) allowing the Trailer to be towed by anyone who is not a renter or an Authorized Driver;

(e) any use of the Trailer by anyone who obtained the Trailer or extended the rental period by giving us false, fraudulent or misleading information;

(f) use of the Trailer in furtherance of any illegal purpose or under any circumstance that would constitute a violation of law other than a minor traffic citation;

(g) use of the Trailer outside the United States or Canada;

(h) use of the Trailer when loaded beyond its capacity, as determined by the manufacturer of the Trailer; (i) towing the Trailer through or under any structure without sufficient overhead or side clearance;

(j) use of the Trailer when it is reasonable to expect you to know that further operation would damage the Trailer;

(k) using the Trailer in a manner that causes damage to it due to inadequately secured cargo;

(l) damaging the Trailer by your intentional, wanton, willful or reckless conduct; and,

(m) damaging the Trailer by placing signs, lettering or painting on the Trailer.

How does Roadmoto protect my personal and credit card information online?

We use a secure payment processor to accept payments. We do not share your confidential information with anyone else.

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User Agreement

What is your notification policy?

We may communicate with you via mail, email, phone, SMS, MMS or other text message or using push notifications.

You consent to receive such communications and authorize us to make notifications for the purposes of operating our business, improving our services, marketing, research, security, and for incidents, disputes and collections. We may collect information regarding such communications, such as confirmation when you open an email, make or receive a phone call, read a text message or receive a push notification.

Privacy Policy

In general, the operator collects and stores information from you based upon our business relationship and your use of our website and rental services, which includes information that may be deemed personal information. This type of information is used but not limited to providing services to you, improving the safety and security of our services, and to improve the quality of your experience when interacting with our services.

We may use and store your information for the purposes of fraud verification, debt collection, operations, and security. We may use and store biometric information from our security devices or documents, photos, and video you provide us, such as a drivers license, in order to run facial recognition software for your security and convenience. This is a California required privacy disclosure about the use of facial recognition technology.

All our locations using facial recognition technology on premises shall post a physical sign at the entrance that is clear and conspicuous for consumers. We may use your information to send you news about our services, products or promotions. We may engage and share data with third party-service providers and affiliates to securely store payment methods, conduct surveys, advertising, research, and operate our business.

We may also serve advertisements, and also allow third parties to serve advertisements, relating to our services. These advertisements are sometimes targeted and served to particular users and may come from third party companies called "ad networks". Ad networks include ad servers, ad agencies, ad technology vendors and research firms.

We reserve the right to monitor the location, speed, and mileage of the rental at anytime during your rental.

What is your legal policy?

In the event arbitration or litigation is necessary to enforce any of the provisions of this user agreement, website, or rental, our company shall be entitled to all costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in connection therewith.

In the event of civil litigation, you consent to receive electronic service, and consent that your electronic service address is the email address provided when booking your reservation. You understand that this document is written to be as broad and inclusive as legally permitted. You agree that if any word, sentence, paragraph, or section of our website is held invalid or unenforceable, you will continue to be bound by the remaining words, sentences, paragraphs, and sections.

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